Casey Thompson

Casey Thompson

IT Recruitment Consultant

Casey is another new addition to the 2022 Abacus team.  Casey has a variety of skills gained through her previous work experience and has a degree in International Travel and Tourism Management from the University of Ulster.  Casey has a passion for technology, and she is already gaining vast knowledge in her IT recruitment sector.

“An Animal lover at heart. I spend every evening, no matter the weather looking after my rare breed Welsh Cob horses, training them for competitions and trying to not get hypothermia. You will find me standing at horse shows every weekend from spring to autumn, just trying to win myself a rosette. Having been riding horses for 19 years I seem to have gotten myself a fair few.

When not spending all my money on horses you will see me spending it on my only child…. My French Bulldog Piper, who quite literally owns more clothes than me. I love nothing more than teaching her new tricks, which I think she only does to get me to leave her alone…. But I think she secretly loves it!

If you don’t find me spending all my money on my animals, then you will find me flying all around the world on my many holidays. One of my favourite places to visit is Texas. feel free to ask me why, I’ll spend a good 30 mins telling you why I love it so much. Too sum me up, I like spending a lot of money”


Casey is specialising in recruitment for IT Support and Infrastructure .


Casey can also provide the following support to professionals:

  • Career planning and employability advice
  • Insight upon culture and environment within my client base
  • Guidance on reward and benefit levels
  • Information on market trends and key skills in demand
  • Assistance with preparation for interview and assessment


If you have a query or would like some advice, please get in touch.  All communications are private and confidential.

Reach out to Casey on 028 9538 0973 or email [email protected].

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