Katie Ashenhurst

Katie Ashenhurst

Recruitment Consultant - Technology Recruitment

I enjoy spending time with my dogs, drawing, film-making, playing guitar and learning Spanish. I assist in running a safe-space Group for women across Northern Ireland. “A 65-year-old woman trapped in a 20-something’s body” is probably the most accurate way anyone’s ever described me. I’m also a bit of a dinosaur nerd and still genuinely enjoy playing Pokémon in my free time.

Katie’s role at Abacus is focused upon support to recruiting clients and job seeking candidates in the area of  Technology.  Katie assists Consultancies, Start-ups and international foreign direct investment (FDI) / Corporate clients across Northern Ireland.

Katie’s area of recruitment specialisms include:

  • IT & Tech Graduates
  • Business Analysts
  • Junior Project Managers
  • Digital Specialists
  • IT Audit, Security & Compliance Specialists
  • Tech Consultants for Big 4 & niche firms

Likewise, Katie provides the following support to professionals who are entering the local job market:

  • Career planning and employability advice
  • Insight upon culture and environment within my client base
  • Guidance on reward and benefit levels
  • Information on market trends and key skills in demand
  • Assistance with preparation for interview and assessment

If you have a query or would like some advice, please get in touch.  All communications are private and confidential.  Reach out to Katie by direct telephone 028 9538 0601  or email [email protected]

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