How do Recruitment Agencies work?

How_do_Recruitment_Agencies _work_

How do Recruitment Agencies work?

It is quite simple. Recruitment Agencies are the middlemen between job seekers and companies. Job seekers do not need to pay the Recruitment Agency. The agency will work on behalf of employers to source suitable candidates for their roles. They would also work on behalf of the candidates to help them find their dream role. A reason why using recruitment agencies is a good idea is that they have close relationships with a range of employers and may advertise jobs that are exclusive to the agency and can’t be found elsewhere.

So, how does Abacus Careers work?

Step 1:

The job: Companies will provide us with a job description and specification for the type of candidate they are looking for.

Step 2:

The Discussion: Using this information from step 1, our consultants will source suitable candidates for this role. If the job isn’t right for you, our consultants will talk to you, the candidate, about what exactly you are looking for in your next role. Based on the information that you supply us with, your CV will be sent to the companies or jobs you have chosen (Abacus will never send your CV to a company/job that you don’t want to be put forward for or haven’t given us consent to put you forward for.).

Step 3:

The Interview Process: If the company likes your CV and believe that you would be a good candidate and fit in well in the company, they will invite you to interview. The interviews would be arranged through Abacus. We will also provide you with interview preparation tips beforehand.

Step 4:

The offer: If you have been successful in the interview and have been offered the job. Our recruiters will inform you of this and help guide you through the offer stage and support you through any counter offer.

Why should I use a Recruitment Agency?

Registering your details with Abacus is simple. All you need to do is send your CV to us. From this, your CV will be added to our database. Once on our database we will be able to contact you with any relevant jobs that we are recruiting for. Saving you the hassle of searching for hours on end online.

An added benefit that we can provide you with is industry knowledge. As we are a specialist agency that would operate in the Legal, Accountancy, IT, Analytics, Finance, Financial Services, Banking and Business Services sectors, our consultants have expert knowledge of their industry.

Not only this, but our consultants are well connected within the local market. They are able to speculatively send your CV to our clients that may not be actively recruiting. They are also able to help you structure your CV and give you tips for when you are interviewing.

If you are currently searching for a new job contact the Abacus Team for a confidential chat on 028 9031 3157 | [email protected] or check out our website for a list of jobs we are currently recruiting for

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