How to Set Career Goals


How to Set Career Goals

How much time do you set aside to plan your career? Or do you spend more time thinking about what you’ll have for dinner tonight or planning your holidays?

Defining what you want from your career and setting career goals will help you on your journey towards a satisfying work life.

Step 1: Create a Career Plan:

To achieve your aim of finding work that you enjoy and satisfies you – takes a lot of planning. Begin this process by thinking about what you want your long-term and short-term career goals to be and how you will achieve them. These elements will build the foundations of your career plan. Questions to think about include:


Step 2: Follow Your Plan:

Once you have set your goals and defined the steps you are going to take to do this. The next step is to follow the plan.

Step 3: Review & Update:

Bumps in the road can always happen but don’t let this put you off your career plan!

Once you have achieved your goal. It is time to set your next one. It is as easy as just repeating the steps that you originally took.

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