Interview Styles

Interview Styles:

Interviewing is not just stressful for the candidate but also for the interviewer. Knowing the different types of interviews that are used by different companies can help relieve the stress of interviewing and will also allow you as the candidate to prepare yourself better for your interview.

Having a good interview style can help attract the right candidates for the role and the company. However, a poorly managed or planned interview process may cause companies to select the wrong candidate for the role. While each job is different, as are companies, the interview style will always be different. It is ultimately down to the company to choose the style of interview that not only suits them best but also the role they are advertising for.

As a result of companies frequently trying to create their own style of interviewing due to them having a certain perception of what the interviewing process can accomplish, it is getting harder for the candidate to prepare for interviews because of their growing inconsistency. It is especially difficult for candidates that are in the mix of multiple interview processes as the styles of interviews are ever growing and different from company to company.

The basic principles of interviews are that they are used to test the candidate’s employability skills. This is to assess if they would be a good fit for the company or not. Due to each job being different, it is also understandable that interview styles do vary in nature from company to company.

See a list below of 12 different interview styles to consider:

  1. Behavioural Interviews
  2. Case Study Interviews
  3. Competency Based Interviews
  4. Planned or Unstructured Interviews
  5. Situational Interviews
  6. Panel Interviews
  7. Telephone Interviews
  8. Unstructured Interviews
  9. One to one Interviews
  10. Stress Interviews
  11. Serial Interviews
  12. Lunch Interviews

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