Join the Abacus Talent Group

Join the Abacus Talent Group

The Abacus Careers business has enjoyed a very successful year.   We have smashed our 2018 targets and met our goals.  That is purely because we have a really great team, people who work hard, both independently and in teams.  Our work can be challenging, but it is always easier when someone has your back.

As we move towards the end of this year, our recruitment plans are very much centred upon 2019.  If you would like to be one of the seven ‘Newbies’ who will join our team on January 2nd please respond to this advertisement.  We will commit to meeting with all relevant candidates and can arrange to meet with you for a chat on a quick turnaround to start the process.

Please remember, we are professional recruiters, make sure you really want a career as a professional recruiter before you apply.  Ultimately, we will know if you have undertaken research, are truly motivated for a career in our industry and are prepared to work hard to gain the rewards available.

The types of people we appoint are motivated, quality-orientated, always learning, candid and honest, positive and realistic, reward focused.

We do not employ people who are short-term thinkers, interested in telling porkies or making a quick buck.

(Check out our 200+ service reviews to understand us).

Our nine new appointments are listed below, will you be one of them?

All inquiries are confidential (especially if you work in the local marketplace!)

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