Maximising Your Return from Agency Recruiters

Maximising Your Return from Agency Recruiters

21 June 2017 by Justin Rush

Maximising Your Return From Agency Recruiters

Justin Rush, Director at Abacus Talent Group, offers a step-by-step guide to the process of hiring a recruitment agency.

Although the reputation of recruitment agencies has improved markedly over recent years, it is still fair to say that the perception of the value they provide can vary greatly.  The fees charged for placements of professional staff are significant, so understanding what value an agency brings to the process is important.

Recruitment of staff should be approached like any other important project, the defined methodology should be followed.  Here is Justin’s advice to ensure you gain better value from your next agency engagement.

Make your decision to use an agency at the start of your recruitment

Don’t call an agency when your closing date is approaching and you are fearful that your do not have enough applications.  Make the decision at the outset and use the agency as part of your attraction tactics.  By doing this you take away the time pressure that can cloud decisions and cause frustrations later.  It is also worth remembering that agencies do not charge unless a successful placement is made.

Shortlist your agency

Whether your requirement is for an Accountant, an Engineer or a Sales person you should identify the most appropriate agency to help you make your appointment.  If you are unsure, a basic google search will provide you with agency recruiters across Northern Ireland, a quick review of a website will show you where their strengths lie.  Specialist recruiters will have knowledge in the niche, more relevant candidates and be better positioned to advise you.

Meet the person who will manage your vacancy

If you are going to entrust the representation of your business to a third party I would make sure that you are satisfied with the credentials of that person.  The knowledge, professionalism and style of that individual is critical.  They will, after all, be the interface between your organisation and the best talent on the market.  If you are not impressed, applicants won’t be either.

Agree on expectations

A quality recruiter will; effectively promote your vacancy across relevant channels; ensure candidate CV’s meet the essential criteria and are presently clearly and on time; pre-screen candidates (ideally in person) and provide you with a basic synopsis regarding their rationale for a move; and provide any additional bespoke support.  It is important to confirm exactly what your want from your provider.

Negotiate a Good Deal

Recruitment agencies like to do a deal, especially for new clients.  Favourable terms will be exchanged for exclusive management of a vacancy, multiple vacancies and guaranteed future business.  Make sure you leverage your position.

Ultimately, no one looks forward to paying recruitment agency fees, but you will feel better about it if you are obtaining real value form someone you can trust!

Justin Rush is a career recruiter and Director at Abacus Talent Group.  He can be contacted on [email protected]

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