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Powered By Talent Lite: Talent Attraction

Powered By Talent is Northern Ireland’s only conference series dedicated to a business’s most important asset, its people.  In advance of the main conference on May 22nd 2019, the Abacus Talent Group are proud to present three supporting seminars on ‘Talent Attraction’, ‘Talent Retention’ and ‘Talent Development’.

The first of the three half-day seminars ‘Attraction’ took place at Artola House in Belfast city centre on Thursday, November 29th.  Attended by 70 delegates from more than 50 organisations, the feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive, reaffirming the organiser’s belief that talent is top of the discussion agenda.

Despite the remnants of Storm Diana making a big effort to soak the attendees upon arrival, the conversation and mood helped warm those that braved the elements to listen to the presenters.  A short delay, caused by the late arrival of the caterers (due to the weather) meant time was of the essence.  After a brief welcome by the host Justin Rush of Abacus Talent Group, the presentations began.

Powered By Talent: Talent Attraction

Powered By Talent: Talent Attraction

First up, Shane McCusker with ‘A strategy for candidate sourcing’.  Shane is an authority on technology for sourcing and engaging with talent, he founded Intelligence Software in 2003 and has a base of customers across the world using his software every day.  Shane wowed the audience with tips, techniques and Apps that are free to use, and easy to implement.  Shane definitely gave the most walkaways from any of the speakers.

Key messages that the audience took away included:

Next was Peter Craven with ‘Building your employer brand: The science of storytelling’. Peter is a Chartered Institute of Marketing Ambassador, Creative Director of Blue Sky Video Marketing and Founder of the ‘Future of Marketing‘.  Peter outlined his tried and tested formula to harness the power of video, it engages audiences with strong messaging and unavoidable calls to action.  Peters style of delivery was a hit with the audience who all were keen to know what works? Especially with the Millennial/Gen Z audience.

Key messages that the audience took away included:

The final speaker was Vincent O’Donaghue with ‘Top 15 Recruiter Hacks’.  Vincent is the co-founder of Social Talent, and responsible for leading the global growth of the business.  He started by telling us that he feels like the boring partner in the business, given that Johnny Campbell gets all the plaudits and recognition.  Interestingly, Vincent started by giving his background and outlining some of his biggest successes as a movie Director: Warlock 3, House on Haunted Hill, etc. Not exactly household names but hey, this experience helped him come up with the idea of starting an online training company.

Key messages that the audience took away included:

After the comfort break, the gathered audience partook in a live Q&A with the panel.  Topics covered include: how to manage a Northern Ireland brand when you are a US subsidiary, how to be transparent, the importance of culture and how to be always on, plus much, much, more.

Thanks to all of those that attended, we look forward to seeing you at the next instalment in February on Talent Retention.  To pre-register your interest for future Powered By Talent events, please visit www.poweredbytalent.com/get-tickets/ #PoweredByTalent

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