What did your team achieve in January?

What did your team achieve in January?

01 February 2022 by Justin Rush

In case you had not noticed, at Abacus we like to take what can be a tough month and turn it on its head.  With some careful planning, a sprinkling of inspiration, and some great prizes to fuel the motivation, we knew we could all be fitter and healthier. 

January has been a really enjoyable month! We have had learning sessions from dieticians on healthy eating, been mindful of our mental health with our ‘walk & talk’ sessions, and gained important knowledge on how to ensure flexibility and best posture while working from home with our Yoga classes.

Big thanks to Emma Coulter for coordinating, monitoring, and presenting throughout the month.  Below we have listed each team member’s proudest achievement during January.  Some are big and bold, but all are important because they give each individual a great sense of accomplishment!

In no particular order…

Emma – ” I averaged 12k steps a day for the month, (the same as 186 miles for the month). I also had 2 weights sessions per week, tracked calories and lost 6lbs!”

Marc – Listed a new PB for his powerlifting. Back squat record smashed!

Katie – “I cut back on the alcohol and takeaways significantly. Focused on a healthier lifestyle for a healthier mindset, which has worked massively.”

Nicky – Removed Coke Zero from his diet and replaced it with water. Added healthy cooking tips to my diet. 

Colin – Franciscan Wine free January, this is a big deal for a man from his neck of the woods!

Hannah – “Sticking to calorie counting and meal prepping my meals each night.” [Plus I climbed up and down Slieve Donard in less than 3 hours].

Alan – New diet and zero alcohol, meant Alan lost over 1 stone in weight in just over 4 weeks!

Jude – Running a PB, 5k in just over 20 minutes (I do not think any other member of the team will beat that….ever)

Catherine – “Consistently achieved 5+ active days a week, maintained a month of healthy eating and completed the Mullaghcarn Trail for the first time.”

Ross – “Cleaned up the diet, walked a whole lot more & lost 10 pounds, have been a lot more conscious of diet and the small things (taking the stairs etc) this month.”

Andy – Clean eating, very significantly reduced wine intake, and lots of walking our new baby with my partner.

Stuart – Attended two 6:30am gym classes per week (Spin/Fitness Yoga/Power Pump) + healthy breakfast every day.

Justin – Started monitoring steps, taking the dog for runs before work, and swimming during lunchtimes. Steps daily record so far is 23,189 in one day.

Adam – Calorie counted all of January, 5+ gym sessions a week and drank 4 litres of water a day.

Lauren – Found my way back to the gym! And cut out the junk (apart from a Ben & Jerrys relapse).

Damian – Lost 8lbs in the month (most of it due to a healthy lifestyle – not the fact he suffered with Covid in the early part of the month).

Clare – Attended 18 spin classes in January. We don’t know how many miles are covered but we will get that next time.

A truly amazing effort from all involved!

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