Alex Noble

Alex Noble

Senior Manager - Legal

“When I am not coaching or playing rugby, I like to add some disappointment to my life by watching my beloved Tottenham Hotspur.  I’m also a bit of a history geek with World War II being my specialist subject.  Fond of a Belgian beer too.”

Alex is our dedicated Legal Recruitment Manager at Abacus, specialising in offering comprehensive support to both recruiting clients and candidates in the local legal marketplace. With a focus on the Northern Ireland region, Alex assists a diverse range of clients, including those from the local, national, and corporate sectors. His expertise lies in effectively bridging the gap between employers and job seekers, ensuring successful placements and fulfilling career opportunities.

Areas of recruitment specialisms include:

    • Solicitors / Lawyers in various specialisms (NQ – PQE at all levels)
      • Corporate and Commercial
      • Commercial Litigation / Dispute Resolution
      • Civil Litigation
      • Professional / Medical Negligence
      • Insolvency / Debt Recovery
      • Planning & Environment
      • Banking and Financial Services
      • Real Estate and Property
      • Employment
    • General Counsel / In House
    • Paralegal / Legal Executive
    • Legal Secretary
    • LPO (Legal, Managerial and Support Levels

Likewise, Alex can provide the following support to professionals who are entering the local job market:

  • Career planning and employability advice
  • Insight upon culture and environment within my client base
  • Guidance on reward and benefit levels
  • Information on market trends and key skills in demand
  • Assistance with preparation for interview and assessment

Asked and Answered

If you could instantly acquire a new skill, unrelated to recruitment or the legal field, what would it be and why?

Time travel – I am a bit of a history geek so it would be amazing to travel back in time and experience all the things I have read about or watched in documentaries.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the legal industry?

One of the best sources of knowledge & information that a recruiter has available to them is the candidates they work with. They are the specialists in the field so keeping in regular contact helps keep up to date. I will also keep an eye on other legal industry specialist magazines & websites.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and how has it impacted your personal or professional life?

From a recruitment perspective it would be to always treat your desk as your own business. Recruitment isnt a 9-5 and often the recruiters who go the extra miles will do well in the industry.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Oasis – Don’t Look back in Anger. I would also say that I’m a dreadful singer and anyone who has witnessed my karaoke will agree!

How do you approach building strong relationships with both clients and candidates?

Honest & transparency. I’m lucky enough to have built up some fantastic relationships over the 10+ years in recruitment and I believe that it’s because I will be as honest as I can with people. Don’t over promise & under deliver!

How do you strike a balance between meeting the needs of our clients and ensuring a positive candidate experience?

Similar to my previous answer, honesty and setting expectations with both clients & candidates from the outset. Unfortunately I don’t always get it right but I do try to ensure that anyone I work with has a positive experience and that they will appreciate I will give it 100%.

How do you support candidates throughout the interview and hiring process to help them feel prepared and confident?

It starts with understanding what the client is looking for, what their interview process is and simple things such as who they are meeting and where it is being held. It is then passing this over to the candidate but also working to understand how they are at interviews. Some people need a lot of assistance, others you just have to point in the right direction.

What goals or initiatives do you have for our legal recruitment efforts in the next 6 months?

As a team we are always trying to find new ways of being different and giving our candidates & clients the best experience possible. As for specifics…you will have to wait and see…

Tell us about a book or movie that has greatly influenced your perspective on life or work.

I am a bit of a book worm and love anything to do with WW2, The Troubles or sport. A lot have helped build some perspective however one that stands out is Legacy by James Kerr.  As a rugby player who can appreciate what the All Blacks have done for our sport, it is just incredible to see how they go about their business, how humble they are, how important respect is and what you need to give to be successful.

Describe your perfect weekend getaway.

It is usually one of two things that are very different. The first would be a nice cultured city break where I can take in the history of the city and eat good food. The second would be a long weekend away to Majorca where we can let our hair down and enjoy the sun and a few cold beers!

If you have a query or would like some advice from Alex, please get in touch.  All communications are private and confidential.

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