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At Abacus the goal is simple, enjoy our work and help talented people find great opportunities.

We have created our most comprehensive guide on pay and reward in the Belfast marketplace for 2021.

The tables below provide guidance on basic salary levels for a range of positions in HR, Marketing, Sales, Office staff, Supply Chain & Procurement. No consideration of benefits, bonuses or other emoluments are included in these ranges.

The information has been summarised by the Business Services Recruitment team at Abacus Careers and is based upon salary information provided by candidates in-post throughout 2020.

Business Services

Human Resources Marketing Sales Office Professional Supply Chain & Procurement
Human Resources Salary
Level Average Low High
HR Director £ 70,000 £ 65,000 £ 75,000
HR Business Partner £ 43,000 £ 40,000 £ 45,000
HR Manager £ 40,000 £ 33,000 £ 45,000
HR Officer / Advisor £ 25,000 £ 23,000 £ 29,000
HR Assistant / Graduate £ 20,000 £ 19,000 £ 22,000

*Sales roles will have bonus / commission structure in place

For further advice or perspective on the information provided, please
contact one of the Business Services Recruitment team who will be glad to assist.

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