How do Recruiters Help Candidates?

How do Recruiters Help Candidates?

11 February 2021 by Justin Rush

Recruiters can be the light in the dark for candidates that need help finding their next job. But we’re not just talking about helping you find a job. There are many other things that good recruiters can be doing (which is over and above) to make sure that you, the candidate, is getting the most out of the hiring process.

Honesty & Transparency is the best policy

Clear communication is important from the beginning. By having a human approach to the recruitment process, our consultants can spend time with you to really understand your career aspirations in terms of personal and professional growth.

It’s important that both parties are honest and transparent from the get-go when discussing previous experience, likes & dislikes, reasons you’re leaving, job opportunities, company information, cultural fit and the hiring process.

We want to ensure that your next role is the RIGHT role for you and set clear expectations.

Market Knowledge

Our recruiters have managed hundreds of jobs over their years and worked with hundreds of clients and candidates – they know their stuff.

Because our teams are segmented in the specialisms such as Accountancy, Technology, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Marketing etc, this means our consultants can focus and become experts in their industry. We can advise you on salary expectations, opportunities, personal and professional development recommendations and more. We have fantastic knowledge about the companies we work with as well so if you have any questions we’re here to help, and if we don’t have the answer ask the question and we’ll find out.

Communication and feedback throughout the process

We all know how frustrating it is to go to an interview and then never hear from the company again. What about spending time updating your CV for a particular role just to be ignored?

Beyond understanding what you need from your next job role, recruiters can also offer insight to the progression of your application. Your recruiter should keep you updated on whether your application has been shortlisted, any interview information, interview feedback and job offer information. Saving you time and energy by providing answers that a general job board might not be able to give you.

We can be confidence builders

Interviews… That bittersweet feeling of ‘they want to meet me!’ and the anxiety and dread of ‘but I’m so bad at interviews’.

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Our team of specialist recruiters are highly experienced in the interview process. We have great relationships with our clients and have already sold you to them and put you in a really good light. You’ve been shortlisted because the company want to hear from you, they think you’re capable of doing the job.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to put the work in to prepare. We’ll provide you with lots of support in terms of interview information, types of questions you’ll be asked, what to prepare, we can even give you feedback on your answers if you’d like to run them by us or set up a mock interview.

It’s important that if you’re not feeling confident – tell us! We can work through it and help put you at ease. Please don’t suffer on in silence and wind yourself up!

Package Negotiation

We like to understand your wants and needs in terms of flexibility and salary in our first conversation, but if more negotiation is required our consultants can take the burden off you. We’re experienced and can ask the questions and chase the answers on your behalf. It’s always worth having an honest and transparent conversation with your recruiter around the job offer if you have any questions. By this part of the journey you’ll have a glowing open relationship with your recruiter so use it!


If you’re considering a career move or would like to discuss your career plans, our specialist consultants and ready to help. Find someone that’s an expert in your sector here or view our latest job opportunities here.


Do you fancy a career in recruitment? The Abacus Team is always growing and we’re on the look out for fresh talent. Find out more here.

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