How to create the perfect Cover Letter in 5 simple steps

How to create the perfect Cover Letter in 5 simple steps

21 November 2020 by Justin Rush

Your cover letter is a first impression, it gives you the opportunity to successfully sell your skills, knowledge and abilities in a snapshot to a potential employer.

Follow these 5 simple steps and start as you mean to go on, first impressions count for everything! 

1. Address your cover letter accordingly

This is step one, you never open your mail without it being addressed accordingly.  So why not for your cover letter?  Always start a cover letter with Dear Sir/Madam or address it personally Dear Mr Smyth, alternatively you could mention the company that you’re applying to.  Make it simple for the employer.

2. Do your research on the company and on the applied position

As a candidate you also want to show your enthusiasm and interest in the role. It’s important to adjust your cover letter to suit the role and company that you’re wishing to join. This way you can explain why you are suitable for the role and but always why you’d make the perfect fit for your new employer. Set the standard, sell yourself to potential employers!

3. Use a writing style that suits your personality

Step 3 keep your cover letter eye catching, interesting, simple, clear and concise.  Let your true colours shine through in a professional manner. You don’t want any potential employer to gain a bad impression by noticing typos on you cover letter before they even get around to dissecting your CV. Remember to spell check! Honestly it is the basics which can let your down sometimes. 

4. Highlight your top skills and qualities

This is where you should pour all your effort and focus. Try to highlight your most relevant skills and qualities for the job role. This is a fantastic opportunity to hit those keywords that your potential employer is searching for. It can help to have the job description in front of you!

Touch on the experience you have previously gained and qualifications, but keep it brief because that’s all ahead in your CV. 

Remember to demonstrate some of your personality/qualities, tell them how you can fit into their current team environment and make a fantastic additional to their workforce.

5. End your cover letter accordingly

Thank the potential employer for taking the time to read through your document.  Reinforce and show initiative, make sure to give them your contact information and finish your cover letter with a positive comment.

Remember: Let your confidence, personality and professionalism flow from the start to the very end of your cover letter. And try not to repeat yourself.

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