New Year, New You – Top Career Goals for 2021

New Year, New You – Top Career Goals for 2021

19 January 2021 by Justin Rush

2021 is your year to set goals, advance your career, deepen your knowledge, and find inspiration. The challenges of the pandemic are an obstacle which you will need to plan for.

Here’s some inspiration that can only better you!

Learn and develop as a professional

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary—especially at work. Continual learning is very important for keeping your knowledge up to date and for inspiration.

Actively look for workshops and events that are relevant to your profession. There are lots of exciting learning and development opportunities on Eventbrite for a variety of professions; from Marketing to HR to Software Development. These events are also fantastic for networking – push yourself to start conversations, share knowledge and ask questions, it’s healthy for everyone involved.

Get away from the job you hate

If you’re working nearly 2,000 hours per year in a job that’s dragging you down, this should be on the very top of your Career Goal List in 2020. Whether its management, your commute, your job role, lack of praise, reward, development or progression. If you’re not happy get out. Find an exciting job opportunity that’s the perfect fit for you.

At Abacus Careers, we have a variety of opportunities ready for professionals looking to move, submit your CV today or browse our latest jobs. Our consultants are experienced and are invested in helping you make the right decision for the long term.

Take initiative in your role

Could you be an ‘in’trepreneur? This is someone who take initiative in their role, someone who searches for opportunities within a company, someone who looks for solutions and growth. If you have a project in mind which you’ve been itching to start, create a timeline and try to think of every piece, person and component you need to make it happen. When you’ve made your plan, talk to management, or who you report to for feedback and sign off.

This will set you off on the right track to gain that promotion in the long run!

Get the promotion

Advancing your career with a promotion or title change at your current job is a strong 2020 career goal. Everyone wants to be recognised for their hard work and receive an increase in reward accordingly. In order to make this dream a reality; keep track of the projects you’ve accomplished, as well as any classes or events you’ve attended to learn and develop your skill set.

You should also proactively express your goals to your team, colleagues, and manager. This shows your passion for the business, to grow as a professional and plants that seed. All in all this should benefit you later down the line when it comes to appraisals and one to ones.

Maintain a positive outlook

Regardless of your specific 2020 career goals, sustaining a positive outlook will do nothing but help you succeed. It should be on everyone’s New Year Career Resolutions List!

Nobody likes a moaner, try and distance yourself from those ‘Negative Nancy’s’ and surround yourself with positive, proactive and ambitious individuals – watch yourself transform. This will help aid motivation and keep you heading in the right direction. Share your aspirations with friends and family, write them down, revisit them, and celebrate all your wins – big and small, they all count!  

Remember: Don’t beat yourself up too much if you’re not 100% everyday – you’re only human. But do try your best to stay positive and proactive, remember your career ambitions and stay motivated.

For a confidential discussion on setting some achievable career goals in 2020, contact our experienced recruitment teams on 028 9031 3157. Alternatively you can send your CV to [email protected] or submit here, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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