Graduated? What is your career goals?

Graduated? What is your career goals?

06 July 2017 by Justin Rush

Graduated? What is your career goals?

Congratulations to the Graduation Class of 2017!  Especially to those who have received their degree classifications over the past few days. Having experienced the graduation process, we know that all your hard work has (eventually) paid off! What’s next you say? Have you seriously considered your career goals?

With the number of high calibre graduates actively seeking jobs on the rise, it is vital that graduates are pro-active and show off the skills the employers really want to see.

Whilst what you were taught at university is important it’s not just about the skills learned – it’s the knowledge you built up along the way and the type of person that this experience has moulded you into.   Abacus has teamed up with leading graduate employers to find out exactly what attributes employers are actively seeking to recruit.  Hopefully, the tips below can be aligned to your upcoming graduate career goals.

1) A Positive Attitude

We all know that person who is no fun to be around. They are always moaning, complaining, or dull and seem to never be upbeat, excited or positive. There is nothing worse than working with someone like this who is always negative. At the other end of the scale, a strong positive attitude will turn your world around, you’ll notice people communicating with you differently, offering advice and you’ll be presented with more opportunities.

2) Confidence

Portraying confidence shows you’re an employee who can be trusted, who will fit into a team and is a benefit to the company. Many employers are seeking employees that are confident but not arrogant. Having a firm handshake, the ability to make eye contact and good body language at an interview are all tell-tale signs of a confident person.

3) Family Friendly Social Media Profile(s)

Employers don’t mind seeing your personality online…but you need to always try to keep it professional. Photo’s chugging beer, controversial comments, random tweets etc are not deemed to be professional. A general rule of thumb, keep it PG…if you are happy enough to showcase your antics to your mother, it can stay…. if not let’s reconsidered removing the topical social media post.

4) A Strong Communicator

Strong communication skills are one of the most important things for an employer when deciding if a candidate is suitable for a job or not. Whether it’s on the phone, in person or in writing clear, coherent and concise communication is key.

5) Creativity! Thinking outside the box…

If you can show creative thinking and innovative thoughts are in your make up you can instantly become an exceptionally attractive candidate to potential employers. If you can show prospective employers you are a creative problem solver and you can add something new, exciting and innovative to the team, you are in with a great chance of employability.

6) A People Person

Graduate recruiters don’t want to hire a robot.  They want someone who can work well in a team. It is very important for them to see them that you’re a team player and an all-rounder who isn’t afraid to get stuck in.

Graduated? What's Your Career Goals?

Graduated? What’s Your Career Goals?

For more tips on how to enhance your career or to apply for graduate career opportunities in Belfast.  Please click to view our latest‘live jobs’ a member of the Abacus Careers Teamwill follow up with your query as soon as they can.  It’s time to take charge of your graduate career goals today!


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