Winning the War for Talent

Winning the War for Talent

19 February 2019 by Justin Rush


Winning the War for Talent:

To win the war on talent, creating a strong company culture is vital. Having a strong company culture can help you attract and retain the best talent in the market.

Creating a strong company culture can be a challenge especially if your company operates in different geographical locations, as you will want to strive to infuse local culture into each location. Problems could arise here as each location would have different local cultures. However, as long as your company culture is consistent and recognisable you will maintain a strong image.

How can you do this? Here we have set out a few ideas;

  1. Engagement is the winning formula.

Keeping your employees engaged is essential in maintaining a strong company culture and if you want to win the war on talent. Your company culture reflects what your company stands for. It is vital that you communicate to your employees what your culture is and that they fully understand it. This is because your employees are the ambassadors for your company, they help you attract top talent.

It is essential that your company leaders lead by example so that their employees will do the same. It has to be a trickledown effect as it has to start at the top and filter down the ranks. If the leaders of your business embrace the company culture, so will the rest of your employees.

Another way to solidify your company culture and to maintain engagement is to focus on the well-being of your employees. Invest in initiatives that will benefit your employees, such as flexible working, working from home, providing healthy snacks, have breakout zones or areas that employees can go to de-stress.

  1. Your greatest investment is in your people.

Investing in your employees is critical in the process of winning the war on talent. The more you invest in your employees, the more you get back. For example, running incentives such as company day trips/holidays/team building exercises are ways to help retain your talent as they will feel that they are more appreciated. Supporting their development is another great investment as they will be more likely to stay with a company that helps them grow in their career.

If you do this, let the world know. Make sure that benefits such as these are easily found on your website so when talented people are job searching they will be more likely to apply for your company. It is widely known that just paying a market leading salary is no longer helping companies retain talent. People want more than just money. They are looking for a company that will help them grow in their professional life. The main takeaway here is to invest in your people.

  1. Keep Improving Your HR Department.

To attract top talent your HR department needs to focus on three main aspects; talent attraction, retention and development.

Attracting top talent is getting harder as companies are competing for the same talent pool. Therefore, there has never been a more critical time for companies to plan and execute strategies that will help attract talent. This is where company culture becomes important. If your company has a great company culture and your employees are working as ambassadors, then you are more likely to attract that talent compared to your competitors. Don’t forget that Social Media can be your best friend or worst enemy when trying to attract talent. Platforms such as glassdoor can allow candidates to judge your company before you can explain to them what you can offer. This platform’s content is created by previous and existing employees.

Retention is being seen as more of an issue in this day and age where top talent is high in demand. As we all know, talented people are the centre of every successful business. It is impossible to survive without these key assets. By investing in your talent your company will see better retention levels. This is because your employees will feel that they are more valued. Especially if your company provides great perks such as flexible working, great packages for parents, and health and wellbeing initiatives.

Developing your talent is key. By investing in your employee’s professional development, you are also investing in the future. If you are willing to develop your employees, they will be more likely to stay with your company as it will prove that you value them and want to help grow their professional career.

If you would like to learn more about winning the war on talent attend our Powered By Talent Events. For more information on what Powered By Talent is and upcoming events follow this link

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