Top Tips for a Video Interview

Top Tips for a Video Interview

01 February 2021 by Justin Rush

With Covid-19 putting pressure on businesses throughout the world, more and more processes are being conducted from employers’ and potential employees’ homes.

If you find yourself being invited to a video interview in these uncertain times, don’t panic! With a few minor adjustments and know-how you can shine just as brightly as you would in person. Check out our top tips for making the most of a video interview.

On the Screen:

Look at the camera, not at yourself

It can be hard, especially if nerves kick in to keep your eyes trained on the camera, but this is the most effective way to create the sensation of eye contact with your interviewer. It will also stop you being distracted by a crooked tie, or stray hairs which you wouldn’t normally be aware of.

Close down all the other tabs on your screen

Shut down all webpages except for the platform you are using for the interview. Aside from keeping the connection as undiluted as possible, you do not want pop ups or videos beginning to play in the middle of your interview.

Make sure your profile is professional

A lot of video platforms require you to add a profile picture or some information that will be accessible to the person you are contacting. Review your profile ahead of time to ensure the photo and bio information is up to date, and there is nothing there you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

Location, Location, Location

Pick the right spot

While bustling cafes are home to a lot of computer users they are not the best place to showcase your poise and professionalism to a potential employer. Stay at home if you can, pick a quiet room with a simple background, and most importantly a table. You don’t want to be balancing your laptop on your knees throughout!

Connectivity is key

Test your internet connection ahead of time. Have a friend trial the platform with you so you can be sure the signal does not cut out, delay, or echo, which could throw you off your game.

Use your space wisely

One of the benefits of a video interview is that you can have access to notes. Don’t write yourself a script, but rather, a few succinct and well-placed post it notes with key phrases or points will keep you on track without being distracting.

Look the part, dress professionally

Dress as you would for any other interview. A jacket and smart shirt might feel strange as you sit in your own house, but it shows attention to detail and that you take the process seriously. Remember your interviewer will most likely be in an office and formally dressed.

The follow up

A follow up email or letter thanking the interviewer for their time is polite and respectful. Not to mention that it gives you a great way to maintain contact following an interview for a role with a long lead time.

As with a face to face interview, preparation is key. Take into account the challenges and benefits of the medium and you can make video interviews work in your favour.

Take care of yourself and each other, and best of luck in your job search!

For how to guides on the most popular video interview platforms check out our video interview and conferencing platform how-tos blog here

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